Zero Video Premiere

Jamie Thomas and Greg Robinson

The Zero video "Strange World" premiered last night in Encinitas. As expected, it's a great video, with some great surprises. I condensed my notes into a simple twitter screen grab last night, but here's the complete version:

To start, the owner of the La Paloma Theatre told Jamie Thomas that if the tape wasn't at the theatre at 630pm, he'd cancel the event, and Jamie made it with four minutes to spare. Some things never change. I'm glad he made it. Prior to the late start time, I was quite entertained listening to Jake Phelps (sitting behind me) talk about everything from who sucks and who rips to how bad he hated the music that was playing (Joy Division). Jake's got a great way of making pretty much everything he says entertaining.

Jamie came out and made a short introduction and let the crowd know that due to late editing on the video, the credits at the end had to be left off. Justin Regan later announced that it probably worked to the video's benefit--it ended with a total bang. But I digress.

The intro was another epic slam section, getting the whole crowd going with slams that continue to get gnarlier and gnarlier just like the skateboarding that they're evidence of. This was the kick-in to Garret Hill's part, which for me was a pleasant surprise. I haven't seen much of this kid and he killed it, with a good mix of tech tricks mixed in with his big bag of burly-ness. Keegan Sauder was next, with perhaps my favorite trick of the whole video -- over a hip for a noseblunt slide on a huge ledge. Keegan was definitely a crowd favorite. The next song lasted through John Rattray, Sheldon Meleshinksi, Tony Cervantes, and Ben Gilley, which was solid, but it would've been good to see more Rattray.

Next was Marisa Dal Santo, with an absolutely mind-blowing part. She has put to rest any doubt about how gnarly she is, and she's dragging a generation of girls up with her -- expect this part to motivate girls all over the world. You can also bet on this: this part will become a standard for sponsor-me videos. If your sponsor-me video isn't up to par with Marisa's, pull it off YouTube, call your filmer, find some courage and/or balls, and go back to the drawing board.

Donavan Piscopo, Elissa Steamer and Dominik Dietrich shared a part, with Elissa shining as usual! Good to see DD's Europe flavor in the mix, too. Tommy Sandoval had some of the gnarliest stuff I've seen in a while. Would've been good to see more but after the Fallen video... you know.

Jamie Thomas filmed his whole part in a cool looking abandoned warehouse with a conglomeration of rails, banks, gaps, ledges, beautiful lighting, and some new angles on his shredding. Aussie Dane Burman was next with a really good part -- it started kinda slow but his skating is powerful, stylish and he does good tricks. James Brockman's part was more than a few people's favorite. I've never really been a fan, but there's no doubt he rips.

Next was a great part with Tom Asta and Chris Cole. Tom matched Chris trick-for-trick -- it wasn't any sort of torch-passing, but definitely a sign of some shining talent to come - master and pupil for sure. Pretty interesting to see Cole skating to hip-hop, too. I think it was a cover of that SouljaBoy song...? Chris Cole's backside kickflip 360 down Carlsbad was amazing.

That left Jamie Tancowny with the last part. There were tons of highlights -- of course his backside overcrooks at Rincon was amazing, but his last trick was a kickflip over stairs, bar, and fire hydrant at a spot in Vista that Jamie Thomas ollied in his first Toy Machine ad in 1994. Nothing has been done over it since, and Lil' Fucky kickflipped it. Nothing's been done down that in 15 years! Kid's got it going on.

It's getting harder and harder to make videos of this caliber, but let's hope that these guys find a way to keep at it. We need this kind of Strange World in skateboarding.

Emerica Crew: Justin Regan, Jamie Tancowny, Timothy Nickloff, Jeff Henderson
Grant Brittain and Dave Swift
The Popes!
Red and Chris Cole
Sk8 Mafia and Cairo Foster
The original Tweet

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